Meet Robin: The CAPS-LOCK indicating robotic helper

Are you struggling to see if your caps-lock is enabled? Typing in incorrect passwords, because of this? Robin can be of assistance. He will also warn you if you are toggling caps-lock to quickly.

He was created by mashing up the Fanbot controller and a cardboard kit of Robin the mascot of robocup2013. A speaker and an extra servo was added. The cardboard kit was reinforced with some thicker board, and glued together. A bit of lead in his legs made him stand up stable enough. The software for his brain can be found here. If you are interested in the source code: take a look here.

Robin's cardboard kit

Robin’s cardboard kit

The Fanbot brain in Robin's head

The Fanbot brain in Robin’s head

Finished robot

Finished robot

See a movie of Robin in action:

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