Movie of moving robots!

The first batch of robots are on the stand, and moving! many more to come…


The first batch of fanbots

So: What is the result of these first workshop? We hope this gives an impression.Still a long way to go: But we will get there!

fanbot1      tribune1 

The first workshops…

During the first workshops, more than a 100 robots are built! The progress can be monitored on this website.


Robocup 2013 has started, the participants and fans are gathering

Robocup, first day       The first fans on the stand

The participants are gathering for Robocup 2013. The first fans have arrived on the stand. Only 998 to go! The workshops to build the FanBots will start on Wednesday.

The venue is starting to take shape

The preparations for the Robocup 2013 competition are gaining momentum. The sports arena is prepared to host teams from all over the world. More than 2500 participants are expected to come over to Eindhoven.

In addition, the stand for the Fanbots is assembled (this is only one section, but it is clear a lot of robots have to be assembled to fill all seats).

Fanbot Stand

A section of the stand for the Fanbots

The Fanbot Project!

During Robocup2013 the FanBots will be built! See this wiki page for background information (dutch).


Prototype                                                                                   Eerste systeem test