New functions

You can add new functions to your Fanbot Brain. Just load new software!

How to do this: Download the new software from this location and save it on your computer (e.g. on your desktop). A file with the name “fanbot.bin” should appear.

  • Unplug the fanbot
  • Press the “nose” button (center of the PCB)
  • Plug the USB cable into the computer while holding the nose button pressed
  • Now Only the RED and YELLOW Leds should light up faintly
  • After some seconds a “USB disk” with the name “CRP_DISABLD” should appear with just one file (firmware.bin) This is the content of the fanbot brain.
  • Remove the file (select the firmware.bin file and press “Delete”)
  • Copy the new downloaded file (fanbot.bin) to the empty disk.
  • Wait five seconds and remove the usb cable

Re-insert the cable and when the fanbot starts: it should flash with all leds. You have new software! and new functions!

To use the new functions:

  • Press the nose button while the leds are flashing and keep it pressed.
  • After one second LED will keep on flashing.
  • Release and Push the button to let the next LED flash. Select one of the LEDs for the following functions:
  1. (yellow, left) Repeat the programmed sequence
  2. (yellow, right) Flash all LEDs
  3. (red, left) Flash all LEDs and move the servo in steps
  4. (green, left) Move the servo slowly forward and quickly back
  5. (red, middle) Move the servo only when you press the button
  6. (green, right) Make random movements and LED patterns
  7. (red, right) Move the servo smoothly back and forth
  • If you wait for two seconds, program you have selected will start.

Have fun!