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Video of the fanbots in Action

Do you want to see all Fanbot’s in action, during the final games?

See this video:

A longer video with a presentation of the workshop is found here:

Meet Robin: The CAPS-LOCK indicating robotic helper

Are you struggling to see if your caps-lock is enabled? Typing in incorrect passwords, because of this? Robin can be of assistance. He will also warn you if you are toggling caps-lock to quickly.

He was created by mashing up the Fanbot controller and a cardboard kit of Robin the mascot of robocup2013. A speaker and an extra servo was added. The cardboard kit was reinforced with some thicker board, and glued together. A bit of lead in his legs made him stand up stable enough. The software for his brain can be found here. If you are interested in the source code: take a look here.

Robin's cardboard kit

Robin’s cardboard kit

The Fanbot brain in Robin's head

The Fanbot brain in Robin’s head

Finished robot

Finished robot

See a movie of Robin in action:

Fanbots collected by their makers

Almost a half of all the fanbots where collected by their makers (or their grandparents) or send home


Fanbot programming software

Fanbot software

Fanbot software

The software to program the fanbot can be found here (for Windows only).
Save the file and unzip the files. Run: Sises.FanBot.View.exe

Press the “nose” to run your program (the software nose or the nose button on your fanbot)

When you get the messages “no fanbot found” (and you do have a fanbot connected) you may need to install: “Microsoft C++ Redistributable Package 2012 (x86) VSU3\vcredist_x86.exe).

Robocup2013 is over! 700 FanBots built.

The Mayor of Eindhoven in front of 700 FanBots Photo: Bart van Overbeeke ( -- CC-BY

The Mayor of Eindhoven in front of 700 FanBots
Photo: Bart van Overbeeke ( — CC-BY

At the end of Robocup 2013, the stand was crowded and the robots all cheered for the final match.The breathtaking match between The Netherlands and China ended in a victory for China, but i

t was a close call. The Fanbots where positioned right behind the goal. Luckily no balls where shot into t

he crowd, so there where no injuries amongst the Robot Fans. Tomorrow they all find a home with their makers.

700 Fanbots cheering during the match.  Photo: Bart van de Overbeeke ( -- CC-BY

700 Fanbots cheering during the match.
Photo: Bart van de Overbeeke ( — CC-BY

It was a great event!


Fanbot view of the finals

The final counter: Almost 700 robots!

The final counter at the last day. Almost 700 robots registered.

Developers posing for the robots
Developers posing for the fanbots

It is starting to get crowded!

The fanbot workshop

The fanbot workshop

The event is almost over! Tomorrow the finals are played on the main field. The FanBots acquired front row seats! There is place for a few more, but is starting to get crowded.

We thank all the participants for making all the fanbots and hope you will collect them after the event.

growing fanbot-league at RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven (NL)

growing fanbot-league at RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven (NL)
Photo: Bart van Overbeeke ( — CC-BY

600 fanbots

Movie of moving robots!

The first batch of robots are on the stand, and moving! many more to come…


Robocup 2013 has started, the participants and fans are gathering

Robocup, first day       The first fans on the stand

The participants are gathering for Robocup 2013. The first fans have arrived on the stand. Only 998 to go! The workshops to build the FanBots will start on Wednesday.

The Fanbot Project!

During Robocup2013 the FanBots will be built! See this wiki page for background information (dutch).


Prototype                                                                                   Eerste systeem test